The entire month of November

 “There are currently over 153,000,000 orphans worldwide. Only 250,000 are adopted each year. 99% will likely never be adopted.

Numbers can be overwhelming until you know the name of one orphan. This crisis needs to be addressed and that is why Coreluv sets aside the entire month of November as Defend the Orphan Month.

So many ways to get involved!

Our goal is simple…

To provide local churches with creative resources and simple next steps for everyone to Defend the Orphan.

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Provide an orphan’s six basic needs by joining our Orphan Care Partnership Program!


We believe every generation can Defend the Orphan! Order change boxes today!


We want you to encounter God’s heart as you commit to being His hands and feet!


Invite Coreluv to share the vision, crisis and solution with you and your church.


Every $20 spent in the Coreluv store will provide 30 meals for a child!


Join us for our 4th annual Defend the Orphan Run happening November 3!

DTOM Promo Video

We’ve created this video to help you tell the story of Coreluv to your church, office, or friends on social media! We’d love for you to download it today and help spread the word about Defend the Orphan Month!

Download the talking points

We’ve made it really easy for you to share the vision of Coreluv with your church during the month of November. Download the Talking Points today!

Download the pre service screen slide

Use this slide during your preservice or to use on screen prior or post the video run while you give some general info about Coreluv!

Join the movement. Defend the Orphan.

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